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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Waving Hello/Goodbye
I love all the store signs in Kabul-- all so colorful against the buff-colored streets and walls and clothes--but this one is my favorite. Most of the signs have their business stated in English as well as Farsi, but this palmreader-- I guess he only expects a local clientele.
I had hoped to use this post to say goodbye for ten days-- I was scheduled to go with a team from the Wildlife Conservation Society out to the Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan's beautiful, ancient, historic route to China. Marco Polo went this way, and I don't think it's changed much since then. The Wildlife Conservation Society is doing some great work out there with village conservation committees. Alas, the part about my joining them (which had to do with passing through an area where there have been dozens of landslides) fell through. So, I'm cooling my heels in Kabul, looking for some other things to write about.
One idea-- hire a driver and just go around the city photographing signs.
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