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Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Posted by Picasa Hogs Are On The High Side Today

What I love about driving across country is that you find out how the rest of the country isn't like you. Nowhere more than on the radio. The stations play a lot of the same music heard in Cleveland or San Francisco or whatever, but it's interspersed with earnest discussions of hog prices and bean futures. There was a report delivered so quickly that I couldn't quite follow, which sounded much like a stock report only not. "September lean hogs at 4 3/4, down two" and so on. Which made the landscape I was shooting through seem even more fascinating. In Iowa, one's thoughts are on corn-- that's what you see for miles and miles, spreading away from the road in evenly spaced rows that play that little pop-art game with your eye. Fabric metaphors come to mind. It's beautiful. I know from Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma that I'm zenning out on what is actually a problem-- the mono-crop that's destroyed American farming--but still, beautiful.

I made a detour to look at Fairfield, Iowa, home of the Maharishi University of Management and Vedic City, the "world's first city to be designed and built according to the ancient Vedic science of architecture and city planning according to Natural Law." Hmmm-- I got a press release from the Trancendental Meditation (imagine the registered trademark sign here--it always follows) folks that hundreds of yogic flyers had come to town to initiate world peace. Disappointingly, they seem to have settled down.
I am loving your across-the-country posts, and envious, too--I want to do that again.
Hi Kristin,
I found your blog from Reb Livingston's blog. (I know Reb through a poetry listserve. We've never actually met.) So I followed the links to your book, which sounds fascinating. At least your friends, highly recommend it. Anyway, I'm enjoying your travels.
Thanks, Helen and Mary. Now I'm home and so tired-- feel I've washed ashore like a beat up old bottle . And no note inside!
Hello Kristin:

If interested Organically Speaking a Seattle base website has released a conversation with Michael Pollan podcast (audio conversation). Interesting tidbits on farmers markets, CSAs, and more!

Some Podcast Show Note Questions:

Q) Why the price difference between conventional food and organic and how do we go about bringing down organic food prices?

Q) How can small local organic farmers remain local in a capitalistic system?

Q) What is the "Food Web" you briefly touch on in your book, The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals.

All the best,

Holistic Conversations for a Sustainable World Who Share Your Passion for:

* high quality organic food
* natural, sustainable lifestyle
* ecology
* holistic health
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