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Thursday, July 27, 2006
Today was my last day at the Tahoe City farmers market. Peaches the size of melons, arugula you can smell from 100 feet away, plus all those varieties of plums I've never heard of. I tried to take a picture with everything showing--near the handle, there's a huge heirloom tomato with a bunch of little Black Cherry tomatoes (they look like they're dipped in milk chocolate)--but sadly, you can't see them. You also can't see the picture I took of Lulu sniffing the arugula, lured by a piece of grass-fed beef jerkey tucked inside the leaves. I forgot to put the memory stick in the camera.

What I'd like to write an article about: how farmers markets are helping farmers stay in business. One of them had a bumper sticker that said, "Support your local farmer or watch the houses grow." Exactly.

Gack, this thing has no spell check? Posted by Picasa
The picture is making me intensely nostalgic.
There's some kind of movement about eating locally that meets in Lakewood.
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